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Car sharing services in Pirna

Shared vehicles can be used by individuals, companies, clubs, authorities and other public bodies.


After completing teilAuto’s one-off prior registration process, you can book vehicles by phone, Internet or smartphone app for a specified period of time. The car is unlocked at the reserved time using a customer card or app. The journey is billed according to the time booked and kilometres driven.

There are currently three locations in Pirna where the vehicles are parked before and after use: Tischerplatz, the train station/central bus station and Grohmannstraße/Klosterstraße car park. Over the next few years, this network will be expanded based on customer demand.


Since 2021, Stadtwerke Pirna GmbH has operated as the second car sharing provider in Pirna under the name StadwerkeMobil. A special feature of this provider is the availability of electric vehicles. However, not all vehicles are available 24 hours a day. During office hours, employees of Pirna city council can use the electric vehicles for business-related journeys. At the weekend, all vehicles are available for public car sharing.

The electric cars are booked and unlocked by app only.

There are currently two locations in Pirna where the vehicles can be hired: Grohmannstraße/Klosterstraße car park (priority use by city council) and Copitz recreation area car park (NEZ).

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