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Educational services for all age groups in Pirna

We're constantly learning new things our whole life. Just as well Pirna has skilled experts to help out. The city offers a wide range of services for all age groups (including the very youngest) and tastes. Pirna has primary schools, secondary schools, grammar schools, vocational schools and special schools, all of which suitably cater to avid learners young and old. 
There is even a binational offering in the form of the Friedrich-Schiller-Gymnasium. In addition to the extensive school services are other educational establishments providing further learning options, particularly extracurricular.

Educational institutions

Primary schools

Pirna has eight primary schools where little ones can learn reading, writing and arithmetic. An age-based, educationally appropriate school network catering to the metropolitan area ensures everyone can access a service that's right for them.

Enrolment for primary school takes place in the September of the year prior to the child starting school. Seven facilities in Pirna also offer day care.

Secondary schools

These are where students receive general, career-preparing education from grades 5 to 10. The particular focus on the transition to vocational education pathways means secondary schools are especially suited to children displaying skills in practical fields, crafts or technical fields. But they are just as good for students interested in business, languages or music who want to continue their studies at a vocational school.
A number of graduates from these secondary schools continue their education at vocational grammar schools or specialised secondary education institutions.

Grammar schools

Pirna boasts two modern grammar schools, where particularly excelling students spend eight years of their schooling preparing for challenging careers or university study. Both grammar schools have different, school-specific profiles and allow students to learn a third foreign language.

Special schools and sheltered workshops

Children requiring special educational support can generally attend special schools, which prepare them for independent living in the community and for a professional career. Specially trained teachers provide appropriate education, training and social-skill development, and individual support plans are formulated for each student.
In many cases, students are able to be (re-)integrated into other general schools through special-education measures, special equipment in classrooms and class sizes. 

Other educational services

It's not just school that can teach you a thing or two – there are also many different opportunities for further education outside of school. 
Whether it be learning to play a musical instrument or speak a new language, doing something for your health or developing your artistic skills, Pirna offers all kinds of ways for you to keep learning for your whole life. No matter your age, prior education or interests, the vast offering available at the various establishments has something for everyone.
Pirna's many different institutions also offer opportunities for CPD and continued education - with more constantly being added.

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