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Towns twinned with Pirna, in Germany and abroad

For many years now, Pirna has had active relationships with municipalities in Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, France and Italy. The town is very invested in maintaining and strengthening these relations as they are essential to getting to know other countries and populations, forming friendships and breaking down barriers.

What’s more, Pirna also cooperates and networks with other communes in Germany and abroad. Pirna has been commemorated several times for the commitment the town has shown to promoting the concept of Europe, most recently in 2017 with the Council of Europe’s Plaque of Honour.

Pirna’s twin towns


Marktplatzfest in Pirnas Partnerstadt Baienfurt

Germany, Baden-Württemberg

Distance (as the crow flies): 466 km


Ein Stand mit Bunzlauer Keramik in Pirnas Partnerstadt Boleslawiec in Polen

Poland, Lower Silesia

119 km away, as the crow flies


Pirnas Partnerstadt Capannori in Italien

Italy, province of Lucca, Tuscany

831 km away, as the crow flies


Pirnas Partnerstadt Decin in Tschechien

Czech republic

28 km away, as the crow flies


Das Rathaus von Pirnas Partnerstadt Longuyon in Frankreich

France, Lorraine region

617 km away, as the crow flies


Pirnas Partnerstadt Remscheid

Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia

473 km away, as the crow flies


Pirnas Partnerstadt Reutlingen

Germany, Baden-Württemberg

436 km away, as the crow flies


Pirnas Partnertadt Varkaus in Finnland


1,519 km away, as the crow flies


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