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Pirna's administration

The city administration staff work alongside selected representatives from municipal politics to take action for the people of Pirna and their needs. And their tasks are many and varied.
Klaus-Peter Hanke has been the lord mayor of Pirna since 2010. His assistant and deputy, Markus Dressler, was elected by the city council in 2021, and is responsible for urban development, construction and schools.
Pirna's administrative structure is split into two specialist areas. These are then divided into specialist groups, which are in turn divided into specialist services. A total of more than 250 employees work day in, day out to fulfil these municipal tasks.

Pirna's city council

Pirna's city council is elected every 5 years and makes decisions on city-related issues, such as the budget, which then serves as the basis for things to be addressed over the following years. Beyond the city council, there are various other committees, advisory boards and local councils that focus on specific, designated matters.

Local law

The city governs a number of everyday things, such as de-icing services, parking fees and dog licence fees, in the form of by-laws, guidelines and regulations. The relevant (application) forms can be found under 'Town hall online' in the 'Services A-Z' section.

More information

Office overview

Blick auf das Pirnaer Rathaus und den Marktplatz

Lord mayor of Pirna

Oberbürgermeister Klaus-Peter Hanke im Ratssaal des Pirnaer Rathauses

Mayor Klaus-Peter Hanke has led the city of Pirna since 2010.

Deputy mayor of Pirna

Markus Dreßler

Markus Dreßler elected by the city council as the new deputy mayor in 2021.

Citizens' office

Beratungsgespräch im Bürgerbüro

Pirna City Council

Der große Ratssaal im Pirnaer Rathaus auf dem Markt