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Privacy information

Citizens may consult the Data Protection Officer on any matter related to the processing of their personal data and the exercise of their rights. It supports data subjects in exercising their data protection rights and examines matters that data subjects bring to the attention of the data protection officer.

It is bound by confidentiality in the performance of its duties. In this respect, it is obliged to maintain confidentiality including after it has ended its activity.

Right to information

Pursuant to Article 15 of the General Data Protection Regulation, data subjects may obtain information about their personal data processed by the Great District City of Pirna. It is not possible to answer blanket inquiries due to the size and variety of tasks of the administration. Therefore, the data subjects are asked to specify their request based on the relevant application. An identity check must be performed to protect the data. Therefore, the applicant's last name, first name, address and date of birth are required.

To ensure secure transmission of personal data, it is recommended to send the request by email or by De-Mail to the data protection officer of the Great District Town of Pirna. The request is immediately forwarded to the specialist group selected by the data subject. Once all feedback has been received, the applicant will be notified of the outcome.

The data subjects also have the right to correct inaccurate information, to restrict processing ("blocking") and to delete data that is no longer required – insofar as a retention of this information is not required by law.