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Parking, parking permits and special authorizations

An overview of the parking facilities available in Pirna's city centre can be found in the "Parking" section under the menu item "Living in Pirna".

Residents, people employed in Pirna and people with disabilities can apply for special parking permits.


Residents of downtown Pirna who do not have a place to park their vehicle can apply for a resident parking permit. This applies to residents who actually live in the downtown Pirna area and are officially registered there with their main residence. The parking permit entitles the holder – depending on the numbering – to park in the correspondingly signposted resident parking areas. It is issued for a vehicle that is registered to the applicant as the owner and is demonstrably used by the applicant on a permanent basis. The parking permit is valid until 31.12. of the current year at the latest and loses its validity if the holder moves away.

The cost is 30.00 euros. This fee is not a parking fee but is charged for the official act, which is completed with the issuance of the parking permit. Therefore, there is no right to a reduction or refund of the established fee. Reissues due to loss are subject to a fee. Parking card holders who participate in the SEPA Direct Debit will receive their resident parking card by mail.

Entitled persons who do not already participate in the SEPA Direct Debit procedure can transfer the fees in the amount of 30.00 euros in advance to the account of the Great District Town of Pirna, stating their name and the parking card number in the reason for payment:

Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden
IBAN DE72 8505 0300 3000 0004 52

After receipt of payment, the parking card will be issued and also sent by mail.

Applications can also be made in person at the Citizens' Registration Office (Bürgerbüro) by presenting your ID card, vehicle documents and – if available – your old parking permit. Payment is then made in cash or by EC card payment.


Resident parking

Parking permit no: 1001-3000

Am Hausberg, Am Schloßberg, Am Zwinger, Bergstraße, Braustraße, Breite Straße, Dr.-W.-Külz-Straße, Grohmannstraße, Kirchplatz, Lange Straße, Nicolaistraße, Obere Burgstraße, Rosenstraße, Schlossstraße, Steinplatz, Tischerplatz, Töpfergasse

Parking permit no: 4001-5000

Bahnhofstraße, Breite Straße, EVP-Parkplatz an der Grohmannstraße, Ernst-Thälmann-Platz, Hospitalstraße, Karl-Liebknecht-Straße, Klosterstraße, Lauterbachstraße, Robert-Koch-Straße, Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße, Siegfried-Rädel-Straße


Employees and tradespeople in Pirna can obtain a fee-based exemption. The exemption is issued on the registration plate but is transferable to other vehicles.

Employee parking permits can be applied for in person during the office hours of the Citizen's Office (Bürgerbüro) by presenting the personal document, vehicle documents and – if available – the old parking permit. In this case, payment is made in cash or by EC card payment.

The application can also be submitted in writing or online. The informal application can be sent with the required documents (indicating the parking card number, the license plate number, notification of the validity period, copy of the registration certificate part I (vehicle registration document) as well as the personal document) by post to

Stadtverwaltung Pirna
Am Markt 1/2
01796 Pirna

or by email. When applying online, the above documents must be attached as a PDF file. In these cases, it will be sent only after invoicing and transfer of the fees.



The minimum fee for the employee parking card is uniformly 11.00 euros (one week).

Variant 1: 25.00 euros per month, can also be issued by the week or day, annual fee 300.00 euros entitles the holder to park in all resident parking areas

Variant 2: 30.00 euros per month, can also be issued by the week or day, annual fee 360.00 euros entitles the holder to park in all residents' parking areas and to park in the managed parking areas (parking machines and parking meters) up to the maximum parking period

People with disability

According to Section 46 StVO (Road Traffic Act) the road traffic authorities may grant exemptions from the prohibitions or restrictions concerning stopping and parking to severely disabled persons upon request. These exemptions are recognized at the state, national or European level.

A prerequisite for the issuance of the exemption is the possession of a Schwerbehindertenausweises (Pass for severely disabled persons) with the marks "aG" (extraordinary walking disability) or "Bl" (blind).

To apply, you must bring your ID card, your severely disabled ID card and a passport photo. The exemption for severely disabled persons is free of charge.