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Official certifications are made only in cases where the original was issued by an german authority or the certification is to be presented to an german authority. When certifying transcripts and copies, the conformity of the original with the transcript or copy is confirmed. In no case does a certification confirm the correctness of data in a text or similar. For example, certificates, evaluations, official documents and documents are certified.

Signature certifications, on the other hand, confirm that the signer executed the signature in the presence of an employee. This is only done if the signed document is required for submission to an german authority or other body to which the document is required to be submitted by virtue of a legal provision. Signature certifications are not possible for private law purposes or for submission to foreign institutions.

To apply for official certification, the originals and the corresponding copies must be presented and an identity card or passport must be brought along. Upon request, the originals can also be copied at the registration office.

For three or more certifications, it may be necessary to schedule an appointment to pick them up.



Certification of signatures        10.00 euros
Certification of transcripts, photocopies0.75 euros per page, at least 10.00 euros
Documents that are not written in German or Sorbian1.50 euros per page, at least 10.00 euros
Certification of transcripts, photocopies issued by the authority itself5.00 euros per certification
For black/white copies0.50 euros per page
For colour copies1.00 euros per page



Official certifications are to be distinguished from public certifications. For public certifications, the office responsible for the certification is usually specified by law, e.g. providential powers of attorney (guardianship authority or notary), certificate of inheritance (notary), entry in the land register (notary) or civil status documents (registry office).