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Pirna image database: licensing terms

All provided images are subject to the "CC-by 3.0/en" license.

A summary of information about this is available at:
The detailed licensing terms can be accessed via the following link:
It is important to observe the requirements concerning the copyright and licensing notice, and remember that other rights may restrict further use. We accept no liability for this.

In addition to the licensing mentioned above, the licensing of these works is subject to the following exclusion criteria:

The user is NOT entitled to use the image in such a way that is likely to make the creator or persons depicted appear in a sensitive context which could reasonably be found objectionable or offensive. This includes in particular: pornography; the adult industry or similar services; political support; use in connection with a right-wing political and/or ideological position; defamatory, infringing, offensive or morally objectionable types of use.

Definition of copyright notices according to licensing terms

The creator/photographer must be named in accordance with the licensing terms. The corresponding wording for the persons/company is found under the relevant image.

By downloading an image, you accept the CC-by 3.0/de licence and the above-mentioned exclusion criteria.