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Extract from the Central Trade Register

The extract from the Central Trade Register (GZR) contains information on whether an individual or a legal entity has ever violated trade regulations. It can also be regarded as a "certificate of good conduct under trade law".

An extract from the Central Trade Register is required, for example, as part of the reliability check before a business is licensed.

Natural persons submit the application with the registration office of the place of residence of the person concerned, legal entities to the registration office of the registered office of the principal place of business. The application will be forwarded from there to the Federal Office of Justice in Bonn for further processing.

When applying, it is necessary to specify for which purpose (e.g. tender, business license, etc.) the extract from the Central Trade Register is needed. If the extract from the register is to be sent to an authority, its exact designation must be provided when the application is submitted.

Applications can be submitted in person directly to the relevant office or in the Online portal of the Federal Office of Justice.

For the written application, an informal application with a copy of a valid identification document can be sent by post (Stadtverwaltung Pirna-Gewerbeangelegenheiten - Am Markt 1/2 - 01796 Pirna). You will then receive confirmation of the application and a fee notice in the mail.

A fee of 13.00 euros is charged for requesting an extract from the Central Trade Register, upon presentation of a valid identification document.