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Official information about births

One of the most joyful events in life is the birth of a child. From an official point of view, there are also several things to consider and organize for the new resident.

In addition to the information summarized below on birth certificates, paternity acknowledgement and naming, Amt24 provides answers to other frequently asked questions Questions about wanting a child, pregnancy and birth.

Issuing a birth certificate

For the issuance of the birth certificate, various documents must be presented at the registry office. These will be received by a hospital staff member on the ward and forwarded to the registrar's office. If all the necessary documents are already handed in at the hospital, there will be no unnecessarily long waiting times when picking up the birth certificates at the office. In that case, the birth certificates for the newborn and the birth confirmations (for applying for child allowance, education allowance and maternity allowance) can be picked up by the parents at the registry office after about three working days.

The pickup can be done by the child's mother or the mother's husband. With power of attorney from the child's mother, the child's non-custodial father and the child's mother's parents or siblings may also pick up the documents. If joint custody has been declared, both parents must appear in person to pick them up.

Two birth certificates are issued for personal use. The fee for a birth certificate is 15.00 euros, and for each additional birth certificate 7.00 euros. A name declaration costs 35.00 euros, e.g. if the child is to receive the family name of the non-custodial father. The recognition of paternity costs 30.00 euros.

For personal fees for subsequent certification of a birth abroad, please contact the registry office.

Required documents for parents who are married to each other

  • Identity cards
  • Marriage certificate
  • Birth certificates of parents
  • Birth certificates and declaration of custody of previous children

Required documents for unmarried couples or single mothers

  • Identity cards
  • Birth certificates of parents/child's mother
  • Birth certificates of previous children
  • Acknowledgement of paternity (if already acknowledged before birth)
  • Declaration of custody (if already made prenatally)
  • Final divorce decree (for divorced women)
  • Death certificate of the husband (for widowed women)

Required documents for (former) foreign nationals

In the case of former foreign nationals (Spätaussiedler), the naturalization certificate or the certificate pursuant to Section 15 (1) and (2) BVFG as well as the declaration pursuant to Section 94 BVFG and the registration certificate must also be submitted.

In case of foreign citizenship of one or both parents, the passports and residence permits must be presented, as well as the original marriage certificate and birth certificates with certification and translation. The translation should be done by a sworn interpreter in Germany.

Acknowledgement of paternity

Both parents must appear at the registry office to acknowledge paternity. For this purpose, the birth certificates and identity cards of the parents are required.

For paternity acknowledgement in the case of expectant mothers who are still married, proof of the court divorce petition is required, as well as the marriage certificate, birth certificates and identity cards.

Paternity acknowledgements are also accepted by the Youth Welfare Office at the District Office. It is also possible to make simultaneous maintenance determinations and custody declarations there.

Birth name

There are a variety of requirements and options for determining a child's birth name, and in each case consultation with the registrar is necessary.

First name

In the case of unusual first name wishes, parents are advised to consult with the registry office before the birth of the child to determine whether this first name is registrable or whether a second, gender-specific first name must be stated for the first name wish.